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Well, it’s the work that no one wants to talk about, but last week we had the Gorg Chariot Race Finals, and we had a packed house. Fried Gromulan Fingers, Calboosa snouts, Yamok tenders, Tygoran ribs…Gorgs are messy eaters.” Said Greg the head Janitor at Justice stadium. “Wait a second, you eat Gromulans and Tygorans, how barbarous!” GGP Reporter Algia asked. “Look some of our sporting events get a little wild, and when Gorgs get worked into a frenzy, well, we get a little hungry. ”

“I’ll say!” Greg’s crew did do a marvelous job of cleanup, all the animal parts, alien parts, and spilled ale and blood throughout the stadium has completely vanished. [/lgc_column]

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You would never know what kind of chaos went down just a week ago when Yadalrock’s Chariot crossed the finish line, as this year’s finals’ winner. So, as the trial is about to start let’s give some thanks to the kind crew in gray, making sure the stadium is ready for the Trial. Greg also wanted to make sure we mentioned the Backstage Crew, led by Ubb, they had a couple days to turn a Chariot Race Venue into a Supreme Court Venue, complete with witness stand and tribunal dais.

~Algia Rooks[/lgc_column]