Meanwhile on Ginga

[lgc_column grid=”50″ tablet_grid=”50″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”false”]Some Gorgs are calling this the trial of the century as the accused, Mira Lynn, human, has been arrested for alleged regicide against their leader. Gorgan was killed in the bloody Casino Massacre on Slyth. Wonka, the attorney for the defense, has kept quiet during the lead up to the trial, but maintains her client’s innocence. While Trudgel, Attorney for the State, has been anything BUT quiet on the matter. “This human murdered our great leader Gorgan! Let’s hope the Council and Ambassador Xalcor understand the need for swift justice, and the eradication of this evil human! Gorgs deserve nothing less!” Trudgel bellowed outside Justice Stadium at a recent media briefing.[/lgc_column]

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On the Lighter Side… Ambassador Xalcor has not enjoyed his stay on the planet, calling it a “bland, cold, lifeless planet.” One reporter caught him outside the Stoney Pony Pub, where he went on to complain, “Ginga Whiskey tastes worse than Yamok urine!” He was dragged away by his assistant Reelo who tried to clarify Xalcor’s off color remarks. “What Xalcor meant to say is “Ginga whiskey kicks like a stray Yamok”.

~ D. F. Millrekk