Songs for Peace?

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Siggy and Zultroy ,the long estranged founding member of Siggy and Starlites, have come together, and are currently working on new material, Songs for Peace.

In the days leading up to the trial on Ginga, both political factions are taking sides, and it appears Ronkle is preparing for martial law, while Groody continues to be the harbinger of peace that Gorgan preached during his reign on Ginga.

Gorgs are taking sides, and the battle lines are being drawn. Siggy and Zultroy have apparently chosen Groody’s side of peaceful resolution, but not all Gorgs are happy with them getting involved in their planetary politics. [/lgc_column]

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“Siggy and Zultroy should mind their own business. The Sig-Metro Trance Bar is a dump, and they haven’t had a hit since Sluglife…go crawl or slime your way back into the decayed log your kind crawled out from under!”

– Anonymous Ronkle Sympathizer

But there is plenty of support for the power musical duo as well.

“I think it is great to see Siggy and Zultroy together, and I’m sure whatever they come up with will be awesome. But, I am a little disappointed that Lordy Blick isn’t involved in this project. He’s so dreamy!”

– A Gorgling fan of the musicians.


Editors Note: Tour Manager for Lordy Blick told GGP that the former member of the original Starlites band is currently touring in Vidogo with his band the Two Tones, but fully supports Siggy and Zultroy’s peace efforts.