The Comedy Stylings of Toby and Sloby at the Rocktop Lounge Tomorrow night

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The Gorg comedy Duo have been running the Ginga Circuit for the last few months. There were quite a few off planet visitors last week to watch the Chariot Races. Toby and Sloby “warmed” up the crowd for 15 minutes before one of the early qualifiers. Our Gorg reporter Ilgoskus was at the event.

“Hey, sir, are you from Ginga?”

“Do I look like a Gorg?”

“Well, no, but we do have some other species that do live on planet.”

”I am a Tarshaman from Tarsham.”

“Very Good…did you get a chance to see the comedy act of Toby and Sloby?”

“That was a comedy act?! I thought they were special needs Gorgs…ya know trying to raise money for a charity.”

“No, they are a comedy act. As far as I know they were not sponsoring any charities.”

“Wow, do gorgs find them funny?”

“It’s an acquired taste…they can come off as a little dry at times.”

“Haha…a Little! I’d say about as dry as the white sands on Magma!”

Well, this reporter enjoys their “Who’s on the Stone” routine – though some might find it tiresome. [/lgc_column]

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I was able to corner Toby for a quick comment about the show, and their famous routine. And, he was hilarious as usual.

“Sloby, great to get a chance to talk to you.”

“Make it quick, I gotta go to the restroom.”

“Well, I can wait for you to go, and interview you afterwards.”

“But I don’t want you to have all the dead time.”

“Ya know Toby…I still have to edit this interview. It isn’t a live broadcast.”

“Oh, well do you want me to take your recorder into the restroom with me, so you can get everything.”

“Uh no, let me just ask you one quick question. What inspired who’s on the stone.”

“Well why are you asking. You just told me, who?”

“What inspired you?”


“I see what you are doing.”

“What has nothing to with my sight. You already know Who is on the stone, and what inspired me. Stop asking these questions this interview is over!”

And there you have it, comedy has a name, it is Toby and Sloby. Good stuff!

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