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The Art

All artwork © 2014 Caalo Xan

by Scott Henderson

Scott was everything we hoped for in an artist. He did a wonderful job adding another dimension to our stories. If you want to see more of his work check out his OFFICIAL SITE.

Episode-1_borderCaalo Xan S1Ep02 borderEp 03 Klunker Cens P2Ep 4 color Ep 05 P2Caalo Xan S1Ep06 ArtCaalo Xan S1Ep07 ArtCaalo Xan S1Ep08 ArtCaalo Xan S1Ep09 ArtCaalo Xan S1Ep10 Art Caalo Xan S1Ep11 Art Caalo Xan S1Ep12 Art LX22 Levy MiraYON Bio PicXalcor Bio PicUloptrix Bio PicTortugle Bio PicRex Stargazer Bio PicLilly the JustIggy Bio PicButterbean and Ugo Bio PicCaalo Xan Bio Pic 2

Mira Bio

LX22-Bio-300x600 CHUCK-Bio CAALO Bio 2BLY78-Bio-300x600 Allegro-Bio-300x600

More illustrations will be added to this portfolio as episodes are released…

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