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Pig–like facial features. A comely Boraxian is one with a large pot-belly. Boraxians are known to eat just about anything, but also have an exorbitant amount of taste buds in their mouth. Boraxian eateries are some of the finest ones in the galaxy.


Pig-like facial features, but much less dramatic. Boraxian females have an extremely fast metabolism and are always in excellent physical shape. It is strange phenomenon that females actually eat almost 1 ½ times as much as the males, but remain perpetually “skinny”.

Major Cities…

The Hive is the capital city.

Nectar, Sow City, & Cracklin

Caste System…

The Boraxians have a harsh caste system that is obvious to residents as well as travelers. The distinction is apparent in the layout of their cities which often have an alpha district, beta district, and grassland area.

The Alpha District:

The Alpha District is full of swanky bars and restaurants – some are galaxy renowned. It is well policed and maintained. Many lower class citizens work here, but only under constant supervision and often shielded from the eyes of the upper class citizenry by garments known as Cowls or by portable walls(Gumaks).

The Beta District:

The Beta district has restaurants (low class food shacks) and Brothels (unclean). The criminals and local poor(the Swine) usually hangout in these areas, and the Boraxian drug trade has a strong foothold here.

The Grasslands:

Most cities have both protected and enhanced the natural beauty of portions of the surrounding countryside. Vacationers love the vibrant colors and scenic views of these Grasslands. It allows them to get a taste of the country life, while maintaining easy access to all the amenities of the city. Most of the cottages available to rent here also function as Vineyards and Koki & Lodi Gardens to supply the local breweries.

Government Structure…

Borax has a basic government system with a 20 man council for each city-state.

Most states run their area alone, and there are only a few loosely followed planetary regulations.

This is why the extreme caste systems are present. Government does not provide assistance to the poor.

Bars and Restaurants…

1) Boraxian Ale – along with Lodi and Koki plants this is their prime export.

2) Eateries & Pubs – restaurants and pubs are visited frequently from visitor throughout the galaxy. Tourism provides 40% of Borax profit margin.

3) Brothels – Like the restaurant business…prostitution is a staple of Borax economy.

4) Honey and nectar – because of all the pollination in the Grasslands. Honey and nectar are also very popular exports.

Most Famous Natives…

Madams –

The higher class of female brothel owners and managers. This is a very prestigious and lucrative business on Borax. The Females run everything. Everything is very efficient, and Boraxian Brothels pride themselves on having all the most luxurious Alien species in the galaxy. The only male staff are the bouncers.

Brothel Bouncer –

Highly sought after position given to the biggest strongest males on the planets. Often Madams will hold tournaments for these prized positions open to almost all Alien species

The Bee Nectar –

Founded by Meeshull Bokker after inheriting a significant sum from her uncle who ran a popular nectar farm, the Bee Nectar has been in business for more than 40 years. The décor may be a bit ostentatious, but customer satisfaction is at an all time high thanks to a new contract with the Flower Petals, a popular courtesan guild on Lythor.

The Cellophane Flower –

For the more discerning clients, the Cellophane Flower offers a wide variety of companions, tolerates a greater range of activities, and services all genders.



Borax. Outermost planet in Soldos System.

Planet Size:

.9 Earths

Planet Population:

50 million occupants.

55% of the population is native.


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