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Casting Call

Caalo Xan relies heavily upon the contributions of our voice actors. Since the show’s inception over 40 people have lent us their voices!

As the show continues to grow we are always looking for new voices to add to the mix.

On this page you will find information regarding any available roles in upcoming productions of Caalo Xan.

Unless otherwise noted, all roles are NON-PAID

Most recording is done remotely, but you don’t necessarily need expensive recording equipment to audition. We have gotten reasonable quality recordings from smart phone Apps like Tape-A-Talk.

If you would like to submit an audition, please follow the guidelines below:

  • We accept WAV, MP4, and MP3 files, but WAV files are preferred.
  • Minimize background noise/reverb as much as possible when you record your lines
  • Record each line separately
    Use the following convention when naming files:


       Example: TONY_JohnDoe_Line01.mp3

  • Record multiple takes of each line

Feel free to experiment with different voices, accents, emotions, etc.

Multiple takes of a particular line can be included in one file

  • For roles < 300 words, please submit all lines. For larger roles, please submit at least one scene for review.
  • Please state your full name before your first line so we will know how to pronounce it in the credits
  • and -of course- HAVE FUN!

Submit all your recordings for review at:


$ Ropaz

Ropaz is a Slythian male.

Ropaz is a miner encountered by Farrot on Tragor. He is a bit anxious and unwilling to break the rules.

Currently slated to appear in S3 Episode 9

35 lines
270 words

This is a PAID role.
We can offer $25 for the right performance.

Download the PDF below:


Gak is a Talmarian male.

He works the gate at a waste processing plant on Talmar

Currently slated to appear in S3 Episode 9

7 lines
80 words

Download the PDF below:


Tolank is a Gorg male.

He raises monstrous creatures known as Thistlebeasts, which he treats like pets. He’s not the smartest guy, but he’s good at what he does.

Currently slated to appear in S3 Episode 9.

10 lines

Download the PDF below:


Ulobra is a Molivian Female.

Single mother who takes a liking to Chuck

Currently slated to appear in S3 Episodes 11,12

13 lines
90 words

Download the PDF below:


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