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There are two varieties of Camalons:

Emerald Bloods:

They are humanoid with Lion-like heads and long manes down their backs. They have a prehensile tail that they can grab things with.

Visually the Camalons are so charismatic that most species are enamored with them and are highly susceptible to their charms.

They command the room, and rarely do they go unnoticed.

They are all very “Metrosexual” and live in urban environments – rarely setting foot in the plains that cover most of the surface of the planet.

Grey Bloods:

Although these Camalons have basically the same features, they have been subjugated and live in the “plains” between the three small yet technologically advanced city centers .

They are all shaved, their tails have been cropped (done right after birth), and they have a “G” branded by their right shoulder blade.

Although originally done as a sign of servitude, the Grey Bloods now crop their infant’s tails, shave their hair, and brand the “G” on their own as a sign of solidarity.

Also, piercings, colored dyes on the skin and fur, and tattoos are common among different Grey Blood tribes.

Major Cities…


The capital city.

Population 12,000.

Malachite & Celadon

Population 4,000 each.

Caste System…

The Grey Bloods are the workers, and are forced to fend for themselves – organizing in tribes on the plains outside the city borders.

Although the caste system is severe, and only one Grey Blood is allowed in the cities (the one elected to the high council), the only demands made of them are cultivating quotas for Camaco Root.

As long as the weekly quotas are met the two groups live in relative harmony.

The Emerald Bloods provide food, and other resources in exchange for the Camaco harvesting.

In the past when the demands were not met, a small elite Camalon task force called the Camacuza would eliminate 3 Grey bloods from every neighboring tribe – usually with a random snipe from atop the city walls.

There are tales of the Camacuza slaughtering entire tribes when quotas were missed, but these may be urban legend.

The Camacuza are now just a deterrent, and these barbaric practices have effectively been eliminated.

Now, rations and even petty privileged items – like socks and hats – can be used as collateral until weekly quotas are met.

Government Structure…

7 person high council with six aristocratic “Emerald Bloods” claimed by birthright – two from each city – and one Grey Blood peasant chosen by the masses.

All laws are decided by these 7 individuals.

Camalon is an isolationist planet. Very few foreigners ever come to the planet, and tariffs for imports are extremely expensive.

Exports are also monitored though numerous government regulations.


There are two main Exports:

Camaco Root

The roots of the Camaco plant are used to make an extremely potent coffee-like drink.

It is highly sought after, but very difficult to cultivate outside of it’s native environment.

More recently Camalon Jelly has become a rare delicacy.

The jelly is derived from nectar produced by a small insect that feeds upon the Camaco plant.

In addition to a mild sweetness, the spread has a slight hallucinogenic quality.


The Emerald Bloods offer up their talents throughout the galaxy, often serving as entertainers and/or ambassadors.

They have proven themselves to be quite adept at conflict resolution, and are highly compensated for it.

Most Famous Natives…

Rex Stargazer (Lefarious Greendrake) –

He is an Emerald Blood, and his grandfather (Demtarious Greendrake) served on the High Council for 20 years.

Rex is an interstellar icon, and single-handedly accounts for 7% of all the planet’s wealth in taxes for appearance fees and acting .

He lives in a luxurious high-rise penthouse atop the Jade City Skyline.



They come from the planet of Camalon. 98% of the population is natives.

Planet Size:

.6 Earths.

Planet Population:

70,000 Occupants (20,000 Emerald Bloods / 50,000 Grey Bloods)


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