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Gromulan males grow to a maximum height of 4ft, females 3 ½ feet. Their arms are quite long given their stubby legs and short stature and their 8 digit “hands” are topped with sharp claws.

They possess razor sharp teeth and an extremely dense skull. The bite of a Gromulan is 5000PSI, the same bite force as an alligator.

They have large ears and tremendous hearing potential. They do have to focus to utilize the full potential of their hearing though, because most of the time they must filter sounds to a manageable level or it can drive them mad.

Caste System…

Rock Biters

The Rock Biters are a more primitive group of Gromulans that typically live far from civilization – though some groups have gathered around the major cities where there is more to scavenge.

Rock Biters get their nickname because of their habit of grinding rocks between their teeth to consume tasty rockworms.)

Civs (Short for Civilized):

These Gromulans are extremely resourceful, and of average intelligence.

The teeth of the Civs are considerably smaller and less sharp. Their pallets are considerably more sophisticated, and they enjoy most foods other species enjoy.

Government Structure…

Many alien species have attempted to either establish ports or take Gromulan land outright.

As a result, the Gromulans have developed a highly advanced government structure.

They have a monarchy, but the King’s staff is vast – he rarely involves himself in daily workings of governing.

Land is parceled out through the government.

Although Grom is the main Asteroid, and is by far the most refined, Gromulans have laid claim to a total of 200 other asteroids around the Crushing Field Belt.

Gromulans pay an exorbitant governmental tax – upwards of 70%.

In return, all Gromulans are provided for – from the King to the lowest rock biter on a distant asteroid.

Jingoistic Planetary Sayings…

Never shall a Gromulan go hungry!”

When a Gromulan peasant is hurt…The Gromulan King bleeds.”

An honorable Gromulan never takes sides against his own kind, never!”


Asteroid land parceling

Gromulans have developed a great relationship with the Pflugar species.

The Pflugars inhabit many of the Gromulan Asteroids for cave hibernation, for themselves and others.

It is a pretty lucrative arrangement.

Many pleasure seekers go spelunking in the various Asteroid caves.

Guul has one of the grandest spelunking areas in the Soldos System : The Caverns of Guul – a very popular tourist destination.


Although many Gromulans despise the idea of destroying their land mining for precious metals and liquids, the commercial value is too great.

There are several contractors throughout the galaxy that mine Gromulan Ores.

Rock Crab and other delicacies –

Although there are few species that thrive outside Grom’s terra-formed cities, most of the animals and/or plants from the outland are hard to trap and/or transplant.

Most Famous Natives…


Tales of his escape from the Surlackian home-world are legendary.

Also, a cloud of mystery surrounds him, because he is one of the few aliens to have visted the Surlackian home world and lived to talk about it.

King Grolock the 17th

The current Gromulan King whose lineage goes back for centuries.


Gromulan Rock Crab. When cooked it releases a strange hormone that cause Gorgs to go crazy.” – Mira Lynn (EP 7)



The Crushing Field Belt.

Planet Size:

Main planet is a Large Asteroid 2 times the size of Earth.

There are several other Asteroids inhabited and cultivated by Gromulans.

Planet Population:

3 million occupants on the 4 major Asteroid Archipelagos: Blore, Olt, Guul, & Grom.

35% of the population is natives.


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