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Adults often reach heights of 8-10 feet and have a distinctive “obsidian looking” black horn jutting from their forehead.


Aside from their head and hands which are smooth and charcoal colored, their bodies are covered with a coarse fur.


Coloration varies with browns, greys, and blacks (brindle, fawn, mottled) being most common. Their eyes are blood red.


The low male population levels can be attributed, at least in part, to the value of their cranial horn.


Their bones are nearly indestructible, and their horn – the largest, and sharpest bone in their body – can bring a high price in illegal weapons markets.


Unfortunately for the horn’s owner, they rarely survive the extraction process – which is extremely painful due to sensitive nerve endings throughout the horns length.


Extracting the horn is no easy task. The most efficient way to remove the horn is to cut it off with a Lythorian Cranial Saw, which can be done in a few minutes.


Given that these blades are composed of the very substance they are cutting, these blades are quite rare.


A grade 10 (highest grade) cutting laser can also be used – but may require as much as 30 minutes to complete and results in a less desirable cut.


Lythorian Cranial Horns are also a key component in the finest cloaking materials in the galaxy.


The hardness and reflectiveness of one gram of the horn, properly dusted and set, can be used to create light infraction for a 50’ long cruiser ship.




Sexual dimorphism within the species is quite evident.


The females have lush cyan colored smooth skin, long jet black hair, and cyan eyes.


They are considered very attractive throughout the galaxy but rarely breed outside their species.


Origin Planet:


Planet Size:

1.1 Earths

Planet Population:

50 million – 65% native, 35% off planet

Caste System…

Matriarchal society and family guilds are developed throughout the planet. Most males are used as labor and for procreation – basically slaves to the females. The males are not allowed to hold positions of power and are kept illiterate.

Government Structure…

Guilds have structure, but there is no overall city or planet government hierarchy.

Trade Guilds…

Most guilds specialize in off planet piracy and typically find a particular trade to specialize in.

Example: the Lilo guild, one of the largest guilds on planet, specializes in smuggling sweets. The whole planet is barren and extremely cold. With temperatures rarely above freezing, comfort foods are highly prized.

All guilds are ruthless, and although boundaries are well established with who smuggles what, turf wars are common.

Lythorian females typically lead crews of 10-12 individuals on piracy missions, using their mental prowess and powers of seduction to get their way. When that doesn’t work, they resort to more brutal tactics – crews usually include a few males to this end.

Most Famous Natives…

Lilly the Just” is perhaps the most recognizable Lythorian.

As head matriarch of the aforementioned LiLo Guild, she controls over 70,000 Lythorians, and upwards of 100 piracy operations at any given time.

Her name is not indicative to her demeanor – she is a ruthless smuggler, and has no problem eliminating anyone who gets in her way.


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