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Magmanites are rock-like humanoids.

They come in all shapes and sizes but are rarely larger than 6 feet tall –  most are around 5 feet (males and females).

Twice a year Magmanites go thru a molting stage where they shed their rock-like exterior – much like a snake sheds it’s skin.

This is a very painful process that can take several days to complete.




Planet Size:

.35 Earths

Planet Population:

5 million – 99.9% native, 0.01% off planet species


Extremely hot conditions prevail on the surface of Magma – reaching as high as 200º Celsius at its hottest.

Lack of oxygen and other resources make the planet unsuitable for most lifeforms.

Magmanites do well here because they require very little sustenance to live.

They do not need water, and their oxygen requirements are minimal– they can even live in the vacuum of space for days.

Extreme cold conditions will cause a Magmanite to go into hibernation.

If a Magmanite does achieve Frozen Sentient Animation(FSA) they will only wake from their slumber when temperatures exceed 80º Celsius.

Breaking out of FSA usually takes at least an hour.

Major Cities and Ports…

There are no surface dwellings on Magma.

Magmanites live mostly in caves, and although cave dwellings can get rather elaborate, the closest thing to an organized “city” structure is the Cave of the Scorching Sun.

Very few ships have the capability to handle the harsh atmospheric conditions on the planet.

Magmanites have therefore developed small heat impervious pods to travel through the atmosphere and rendezvous with ships in orbit.

Most trade goods are unloaded on Mount Volc, an orbiting space station.


Rock sugars and salts. There is a highly valued salt and a sugar present all across the planet’s surface.

Because the planet’s surface is too hot for most beings to withstand without specialized protective suits, the Magmanites are in complete control of the trade in these items, and make a handsome profit.

Rock skin… A living Magmanite can absorb heat and store it for long periods of time.

In cooler environments, the heat can be stored for up to I year…after that time the vapor will have slowly seeped out through its pores.

Magmanites can release this vapor into the environment as well, and have sufficient control to direct the vapor as a weapon.

Once a Magmanite has expired its rock skin becomes a valuable commodity.

If the rockskin is heated very little heat transfer happens, it is like a constantly heated substance.

Lythorians are always in direct trade with the Magmanites for these heat rocks – the perfect heat generator for the cold climate of Lythor.

Most Famous Natives…

Mogalis is known throughout the galaxy, because he is one of the few Magmanites that travels off planet.

He controls a ruthless smuggling guild called the  Mogs. He has managed to get a few other Magmanites into the guild, but his guild is mostly comprised of off-worlders.


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