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The natives are around 5 feet tall, human-like, with thick, dense skin.

Most Majimal have a reddish tint. Tattoo and piercings are seen as a sign of respect, so most have both.




Planet Size:

.3 Earths

Planet Population:

10,000 (800 on planet at time of extinction) – 99% native, 1% off planet species

Caste System…

A once large Tribal community 10,000 strong that had to live in and out of caves due to the suns constant shifting flares.

As the Sun became more and more unstable the Majimal slowly died off.

800 people remained established there over the planets final 50 years before the sun flares rendered the planet uninhabitable.

Government Structure…

Majuyu Supreme Council (MSC) always ruled over the large tribal community.

As population and resources dwindled, the government became more controlling – rationing food, establishing living allowances, and upping security.

Most natives on planet lived in fear of the MSC during the years before the final sun flares.


Majimal was an isolated planet, with no off-world trade.

It was, however, rich in all kinds of resources – before the sun became unstable and started scorching the planets crust.

Unique Creatures: The “Atl Otl”…

These are docile pets that many Majimal kept as companions.

They are the size a dog. They have a horn, and lots of fur.

A happy Atl Otl is usually scampering around and looks like a mop without a handle with a small horn sticking out.

They bark similar to dogs when excited, happy, or frightened.


Most of the Majimals technology was lost when Majuyu was destroyed.

Qich’e Xan is the one inventor that flourished and carried on technological advances in other systems.

The Flash Vortex is the premier form of space travel through vast areas of space.

Working like a teleportation portal that can bring travelers great distances in a seconds. The technology is still used, and permanent portals are now set up in most large systems throughout the galaxy.

Most Famous Natives…

Qich’e Xan is by far the most famous Majimal. His ancient family lineage has been carried on for generations…and he is an ancient ancestor to Caalo Xan.


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