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Plorakians resemble humans, but there are significant biological differences between the two species.

Plorakians possess secondary pulmonary and respiratory systems that allow them to thrive in high altitudes.

Their skin changes color when these systems are activated, due to an extensive network of capillaries near the skin’s surface.


Origin: Plorak.

Planet Size: .5 Earths

Planet Population: 1 Billion. 75% is native.

Major Cities…

The Capitol city of Evermore.

The port cities of Cashmore, Crunge, & Tangerine.

Areas of Interest…

Plorakian cities reflect their love for high altitudes – most city structures stand upon huge repulsor lifts.

These sky “lily-pads” go on for miles and miles vertically and horizontally around the major cities and through the clouds of the stratosphere.

29 Pads (Stairway to Zosa)

In the capitol city of Evermore, there are 29 platforms each 10 miles in diameter, stacked spirally 5 miles offset, and 1 mile vertically apart (except the Top Pad, Coda, – See below)

In the center is the Rover. It is a huge core that has several elevators that go to and from various platforms.

The Blue Train is the only elevator that reaches to the top where the Royal family lives. It is called the Blue train because it is encrusted with Plorakian Sapphires.

29th Pad (Coda)

Unlike the other Pads this one is 100 Miles in diameter.

The Monarchy resides here – along with the high priests of Zosa – in an immense structure called the Habitation of the Holy.

Banham Travoli is king. With his wife Darlene he has a daughter, Portia, but no male heirs.

Always great patrons of the arts, the monarchy has established the Gardens of Glory in the eastern quadrant of the platform.

Artists from all over strive to create art worthy of being displayed there.

The Four Stick Mines –

Located in the city of Cashmore, one of the few cities mostly constructed on the planet’s surface, the Four Sticks is the site of Plorak’s largest and most lucrative mining operation.

It gets its name from 4 huge granite spires that reach miles into the sky.

All manner of precious gems are present in these mines, but the most abundant is the blue sapphire.

Plorak is well-known for the quality of its sapphires which are prized throughout the galaxy.

The Edgewater

The Edgewater is a popular hotel located on the lowest sky pad in the city of Tangerine.

Known as one of the galaxy’s largest hubs for precious metal cutting and jewelry making, Tangerine has much to offer travelers in terms of accommodations – but the Edgewater is unique.

The hotel is centered upon a pool of water which flows up to and over the edge of the pad, only to be recycled underneath within a fountain structure that purifies and keeps the water flowing.

The waters are stocked with exotic fish, most notably the Indi Glowfish, which glows in iridescent colors.

It is quite a unique sight to watch the glowing fish fall over the edge only to be siphoned harmlessly back into the fountain.

The “Night Flight”…

This is Plorak’s way of dealing with crime.

When a criminal is sentenced, they are put into man-sized pods and launched to Plorak’s satellite moon Ginga, where they will be held prisoner by the Gorgs.

For the service, the Gorgs are sent provisions and a number of gems indicative of the severity of the crime.

After serving their time, the criminals are sent back to Plorak, in the same manner they arrived.

The city of Crunge is dedicated to the Prison Jettison Project(PJP) also known as “taking the Night Flight” because the pods are launched in the middle of the night.

In general, Plorakian crime is almost non-existent. This is due in part to the extreme wealth throughout the planet, as well as the fact that the monarchy always has a surplus of airborne military surrounding the planet.

Most Famous Natives…

King Banham
Queen Darlene
Princess Portia


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