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Pylorians have a caterpillar-like lower body, but their upper body is more upright with some human-like characteristics.

One set of pro-legs are more developed and function much like arms. They have a pair of large eyes, antennae, and a bifurcated jaw.

Their coloration varies drastically across the species, often matching the vibrant colors of their jungle environment.


Origin: Pylor. Soldos System. .

Planet Size: .6 Earths

Planet Population: 300 million

Major Cities…

The capital city of Cocoon.

Areas of Interest…

The Entrails

Much of the land mass of the planet is covered by jungle – the largest of these jungles, located on the central continent of Zarzil, is known as The Canopy.

There are many terra-glass tube structures meandering throughout it – most leading to a unique planetary feature or biosphere.

These tubes are of an alien construction, and their origin and purpose is disputed.

Named The Entrails by locals, these tubes have become a notable tourist attraction – “ The Butterfly Tube”, “ The Snake Maze”, and “The Birdcage” are among the most popular.

Most natives live far away from The Entrails, and strict rules are in place for ANY visitors that step into the forest outside the tube structures.

Cocoon City

Many Pylorians live within the vast walls of this thriving city in the western quadrant of The Canopy.

The city is further protected by legions of flying troops called the Mothmen Military, and the Butterfly Bruisers.

Because of the military presence around the city very little crime is tolerated or attempted.

The City is ruled by a 200 year old Butterfly named Hookaba.

In the northern quadrant of the city is a terra-glass tower named after the monarch.

Hookaba Tower is the only structure that is taller than the nearby canopy trees. Like the Entrails, the tower is of alien construction.

Only the upper levels of the tower are occupied – no one has yet discovered how to enter the towers base.

The Outliers

Monarch, Lepo, and Grub, are among the many small cities that have been cropping up outside the jungles as the Pylorian population grows and interaction with outsiders increases.

Most of these cities do not stray too far from The Canopy, in part because Pylorians are reluctant to leave, but also because it is much more dangerous on the outside.

Large Avian predators patrol the open areas and there is also tension with the Isops – who have a more established presence.

Trade has made their efforts lucrative though – the Pylorians are credited with introducing Zorakian Crystal to the world.

As trade in the popular hallucinogenic drug has grown, the outlying cities have become more dangerous places.

Most Famous Natives…


The King of Cocoon.

Lemmy Lockjaw

Infamous Zorakian Crystal dealer last seen in Grub, where several of his labs were shut down.

Lemmy always seems one step ahead of the authorities.

Jarvis Hespa

A former smuggler who once partnered with Lemmy Lockjaw. Jarvis is currently operating a biosphere on Sigmus, specializing in the trade of rare plants.


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