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Slythians are reptilian humanoids that resemble snakes – though most do have arms(some more than one pair).

Slythians live to be upwards of 130 years old. They are able to flatten their thorax to create a larger surface area, making them able to easily maneuver on most surfaces – including mud, water, and sand – without sinking.

Extremely quick, the fastest Slythians can move nearly 20 mph.

As with snakes, numerous colors and patterns can be seen and there are two basic types: Constrictors (Stranglers) and Vipers (Vipes).

Full grown Stranglers can grow to as long as 25’ head to tail, and an upright height of 12’ tall.

Full grown Vipes can grow up to 13’ head to tail, upright height 6’ tall.




Planet Size:

1.5 Earths

Planet Population:

70 million – 98% native, 2% off planet species.


Slyth is a planet of muck – swamp land encompasses 80% of the planet.

There are sinkholes across its landscape that can actually extend as far as 3000’ below the surface.

Off-worlders are advised not to leave the confines of the city – for their own safety.

Major Cities…

The twin port cities: Conda and Mamba

Caste System…

80% of the population lives out in the swamps with all sorts of strange wildlife.

They live a nomadic life, with no social order, and are more snake-like then human.

Most of these swamp dwellers have vestigial arms, and slither low to the ground.

The other 20% reside in the cities, and often work for the casinos.

Government Structure…

The twin cities of Conda & Mamba represent both species of Slythians (Stranglers & Vipes, respectively).

The Slythians in the cities have evolved into a more upright being – with language, technological advancement, and other features of civilized societies.

Stranglers & Vipes can get along rather well, but they do not inter-breed.

There is a FIERCE pride among ALL Slythians, since so many offworlders don’t like their appearance, and mannerisms.


Waste Disposal

Slythians often deal in the black market, but their main source of revenue comes from trading “space” for waste disposal.

The sinkholes throughout the planet are sold as waste disposal “landfills”. And, Slythians sell disposal space to ANYONE, for ANY reason.

Therefore, some of the most evil, and notorious, criminals often visit Slyth.

Narcotics Trafficking

Some legal trade takes place, especially with premium tobacco products, but most trade is in illegal substances.

Black Label Slythian Cigars are renowned as one of the best cigars in the Galaxy.

The tobacco plant it is derived from grows wild in the swamps, and has resisted efforts to be cultivated in plots, which keeps supplies limited and prices high.

Bugglewarts are widely sought after so their tumors can be harvested.

The creatures themselves are valued as well – and can fetch a high price – but they are quite difficult and dangerous to raise in captivity.

Casino gambling

(explained below in entertainment section)


Mamba has one of the biggest casinos in the galaxy called Saleem’s, after its owner.

Species of all types come here to gamble. Every four years they host the Saleem’s Klinker Series – Universal Tour.

Klinker tourneys are played all over, and the top 100 ranked individuals can qualify to play in this 7 Million Credit, winner take-all tournament.

Most Famous Natives…

Saleem, a native Vipe from the Northern Swamplands, is perhaps one of the most successful, albeit nefarious, Slythians known today.

He developed the gambling game Klinker. Its widespread popularity over the last 50 years has made Saleem’s Casino the most famous casino in the galaxy.


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