There are two varieties:


Ruling class looks similar to a Praying Mantis (human sized 5’-6’ tall).

There are approximately 100,000 all around the planet.

Most of the Female ruling class has rudimentary capacity for speech, but they are not tool users.

Males are slaves that work until they are able to mate with the queen. The female bites off the males head after being impregnated.


The working class (9.9 million). Mostly consists of beetle-like creatures ranging in size from the smallest at 6” to the larger 8’ in length.

Some Pteryoptoids are capable of flight, but most are ground dwellers. There are many varieties, but there is a rare breed of highly intelligent Pteryoptoids known as Pteryhorns.


This is a rare class of beetle with three horns on its head (6’-8’ long).

They are capable of advanced speech and tool use, and are the only native species to Talmar that will communicate with offworlders.

They are highly intelligent by any galactic standard.



Small satellite moon of Borax called Talmar.

Planet Size:

.25 Earths.

Planet Population:

10 million Occupants. 99.5% of the population is natives.

Major Colonies…

Scarabola, Mandiblu, & Dung.

Caste System…

It is a pretty chaotic grouping. The Manitoids basically keep the Pteryoptoids in check, and make them forage and kill for them.

There are over 100 colonies throughout the planet. But, if the Pteryoptoids have a Pteryhorn present, the Pteryhorn will usually take over the colony, and actually handle export and importable services and goods.

There are 3 large colonies on Talmar, 2 with Pteryhorn leaders.

Scarabola & Dung (by far the biggest colony with 1/3 the population of the planet)


Excrement (Import):

Unlike most planets their biggest trade value is an import.

The colony of Dung has built a lucrative trade practice around waste disposal.

Borax has an exclusive trade route, and even has a Pteryhorn Ambassador on Borax that lives in The Hive.

Pollinators and Pest Removal (Export):

As pollinators a large Pteroptoid can do the work of 100 regular sized beetles, and, because so many of the Pteryoptoids are carnivorous, they are useful in eliminating agricultural pests.

Talmar sends regular shipments to wineries, distillers, and farms on Borax and are actively seeking more trade partners.

Insect delicacies (Export):

Many species enjoy eating regular size bugs, so it is not surprising that the 3’ long Pteryoptoids have been  targeted as a food source.

This has led to a number of illegal trade markets being set up over the years. The most widespread was an operation set up by Pylorian outlaws.

Authorities have had difficulty shutting these operations down as demand has become more widespread.

Most Famous Natives…

Rhinob – Dung’s Pterythorn Leader

Daywu – Dung’s Borax Ambassador

Caleebo – Scarabola’s Pteryhorn Leader

Pupa –

The queen of Mandiblu. She is a Manitoid that has managed to keep a thriving colony without a Pteryhorn leader.