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Norhounds are human-like dog creatures.

They come in all shapes and sizes, similar to the various types of dogs on earth.

Due to inter-breeding among the species, 75% of Norhounds are some form of Mutt.

Although Norhounds are comfortable moving on their hind legs, they prefer using all four limbs for much quicker movement.

Amongst their own kind, a Norhound will rarely perch up on his hind legs, unless he is addressing the pack and asserting a dominant position.

Most have non-prehensile tails that they can control.


Origin: Reznor.

Planet Size:

75% the size of Earth. Most of the planet has been ransacked over mining for sugar and precious metals and is now an industrial wasteland.

Caste System…

The caste system is based upon bloodlines. Purebreds are considered the dominant species and ONLY Purebreds have leadership roles in the Smuggling Packs.

Mutts actually are required to wear Blue Collars in most Packs to make sure interbreeding is curtailed.


The most intimidating versions resemble Rottweilers, Doberman Pinchers, & Great Danes (the males can grow up to 7’ tall when standing on their hind legs).

Most Purebreds look down upon Mutts, but also realize they are outnumbered, and find ways to get along with them.


Most Mutts end up working for Smuggling Packs as errand runners, and do the “blue collar” work.

Some have managed to move up in the ranks – usually those with a noticeable amount of pure-blood in them – but pack leadership is still off-limits.

Government Structure…

The planet is completely run by the Smuggling Packs. Most of them have bases in the vast Drusk City metropolis. Of the over one hundred Smuggling Packs on planet, 75% are in Drusk City.

The Palladium Hills Revolt…

Over 200 years ago the great Palladium Hills Revolt took place, where Norhounds came down from the Palladium Hills to conquer and take control of Drusk City.

It was a brutal take over. Before the revolt, the aristocratic Reznorians had kept the Norhounds away, aside from some of the smaller breeds that they kept as pets.
Outnumbered by a wide margin, they had remained safe only because the Norhound packs had been unable to work together long enough to mount a resistance.

When the Norhounds finally joined forces in the Palladium Hills and came down to charge the city, many Reznorians were so chilled by the sight that they fled. Those that stayed to defend it soon regretted it.
Rufus the Great led the charge and although the Palladium Hills have been mined to nothingness, the 200’ Terrasteel statue of Rufus erected shortly after the revolt, stands to this day.


Reznorian Sugar:

Outside Drusk City there are huge swamp areas that are covered with Sugar Cane. The Norhounds keen sense of smell helps them find the most fertile soil to harvest their Sugar Cane. And, it is known throughout the Galaxy as being the best. Most Norhound Smuggling Packs have their business cards made out of re-sealable packs of premium sugar.

Precious Metals:

Lots of mining shafts are being de-veined all around the planet. Drusk City is setup for factory production of mining minerals, as well as sugar. Unfortunately, the combination of industrial production and an already extremely dense ozone layer have made this planet a perfect trap for greenhouse gases. The Norhounds have adapted to the planet’s biosphere, but filter masks are still necessary in certain areas where pollutants are more concentrated.


Most of the mid to large size packs have cutting edge technology that aid them in space piracy. Fetcher Drones and Hounder Ships are just a few of the smuggling tools used by the Norhounds.

Most Famous Natives…

Rufus the Great –

A legendary figure from the Palladium Hills Revolt. “Rufus” is by far the most common Norhound name today.


Leads a mid-sized Smuggling Pack. He has a smallish Great Dane body (6’4” on his hind legs) but is quite intimidating, and though he is still fairly new to the trade he has built up a strong reputation. Other notable pack members include: Scummers & Rufus.


The head of the most notorious Smuggling Pack on Reznor. Most Smuggling Packs are led by large breeds – Zuma is the exception. Small in stature, with features like an Italian Greyhound, Zuma compensates for his lack of size with a powerful mind and his ever-present Doberman Guards. His pack rivals Allegro’s Black hand Guild in terms of influence.

Caalo Xan

Not a native of Reznor, but he has done many jobs here and has “affectionately” been named the Drusk City Desperado. Several Norhound Packs have a bounty on Caalo’s head. (Zuma’s Pack is offering up to 15,000 credits Dead or Alive.)

La Mer –

She is an ambassador for the small population of Reznorians looking to move back on planet. La Mer lives on Reznor satellite moon Zero G where a large population of Reznorians were exiled to when the Smuggling Packs took over the planet. La Mer is constantly trying to gain support from other species as well as her own to gain power again on Reznor. Her royal lineage goes back before the Palladium Hills Revolt, and has gained allegiance of about 10,000 Reznorians colonized on Zero G.


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