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The natives are cat-like humanoids, closely resembling large human-sized Tigers.

They have silvery fur which naturally reflects much of the sun’s harsh rays. They also have tails, but they are not prehensile.

Tygorans are mostly vegetarian, and their diets are largely comprised of various types of succulent tree nectar.

Males 40%:

The males of the species are significantly stronger than females and can grow to a size of 8’ in height.

Females 60%:

The females of the species average about 5’ tall and have strong maternal instincts.


Origin Planet:


Planet Facts:

Tygor is roughly 30% the size of Earth.

It has an immense variety of succulent plant life of all sizes growing upon its surface.

These plants thrive largely due to the protection provided by ancient Koia trees.

These tall trees thrive in hot temperatures and direct sunlight and can reach heights of 400′.

Their canopies, in turn, help shield less durable plants from the sun creating more optimal conditions for them.

Native species have both arboreal and terrestrial habitats.

Planet Population:

3 million – 97% native, 3% off planet species

Caste System…

10% of the population live in the city of Strypor, Tygor’s only port city.

The city dwellers call themselves Tabbies while rural people are referred to as Toms.

The Tabbies have developed a means of extracting water from recycled succulent plant litter.

These water factories create an industrial atmosphere in the city.

City laborers belong to any of three work groups – Foragers, Planters, & Manufacturers.

The foragers gather certain wild foods from the nearby jungles, and supply the factories with a small portion of their leaf litter needs.

The Planters manage the fields surrounding the city, growing and harvesting the bulk of the cities food needs and supplying most of the litter. The manufacturers work in the factories.

There is often fighting among the Toms & Tabbies, especially when water supplies dwindle.

The Tabbies have had to establish an elite security force(The Calico), and a large contingent of this force protects the water factories.

The Toms have in turn developed two vicious gangs that work outside the law and deal in black market goods.

Government Structure…

Tygor has a monarchy. The king has one Tabby advisor & one Tom advisor.

The King’s castle (Agave Palace) is more like a succulent arboretum, just outside Strypor.

It is not considered in city limits, although the king uses resources from the city and jungles.

The Agave Palace is used to entertain off-worlders and diplomatic engagements.

There is a huge flowing water fountain in the palace (the only one in existence on Tygor) and a Tygoran Cherry tree that reaches 100’ up into the air, the largest of its kind on planet.


Tygoran Cherries:

The one thing the Tabbies don’t do is seek out the rare Tygoran Cherries that grow on the top shelf of the grand Succulent trees.

The areas where these trees grow are also guarded by the Toms, and although there have been several wars between the Tabbies and the Toms – the Toms always team up to protect their interests.

There is, however, a reluctant trade between the two groups. The Toms harvest the cherries, and trade them to the Tabbies for additional water.

The Tabbies then trade the cherries off world to raise funds for developing the city’s infrastructure.

Tygoran Fur:

All Tygorans have one asset in common – their fur.

Tygoran fur rights are tradeable, and are  handed down to named beneficiaries upon death.

Fur insurance is particularly valuable. For a small fee a Tygoran’s fur can be valued at the time insurance is purchased – with no degradation.

If a Tygoran buys insurance at 22 years old for 3 credits a month he can lock in his rate very low.

If he then dies the following year in a fire, (the worst type of damage that can be done to Tygoran fur, because there is no way to salvage singed fur) his family will get full value for what the fur was worth at the time he bought the insurance.

Of course if that same 22 year old buys insurance at 3 credits a month and lives to be 70 years old – and his fur is untarnished – he has wasted over 1500 credits, and the value could still be the same – since Tygoran fur doesn’t really show age.

Some people offer loans and leans against their fur value. Most of these offers are very low, 10% of its value is the common offer, so only the most desperate Tygorans follow through.

Tygorans treat their fur extremely well. Professional groomers are some of the most sought after craftsmen on planet – and are paid very well.

The average price for a full piece of pristine Tygoran fur is 25,000 credits. Some of the best pieces can be sold upwards of 60,000 credits.

Aside from the obvious applications of   warmth and fashion, the fur has value as an additive in certain kinds of paint – it adds a reflective quality.

Even a mangled piece of Tygoran fur rarely goes for less than 10,000 credits.

Lastly, for obvious reasons, Tygoran Mange is a dreaded disease.

On planet, a lifetime quarantine or death are the only two choices for a victim.

Tygoran Mange quarantine cells are some of the most vile places on planet – perhaps the galaxy.

Completely dark and dank – ostensibly to protect from the sun’s rays (since their fur no longer can provide the protection) – they make prison cells seem like luxurious hotel rooms.

Most Tygorans with Mange choose death – and try to salvage a little value out of their fur.

Although there have been no cases of Tygoran Mange spreading after the host’s death , most Tygorans won’t touch it.

Mange fur is usually shipped off planet and sold to vendors in bulk.

Most Famous Natives…

Cymric Savannah (Kim-rik)

The current king of Tygor. He often travels off planet, and will attend any event that impacts Tygoran interests, especially its trade routes.

Muowler Kane –

A member of the famous band Siggy and the Starlites.

Saul Proudheart –

Current head of a trade guild based on Lythor. One of the only non-Lythorians to achieve such a position.


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