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~ A ~

Amabdur Oil: A solid waxy oil extracted from the petals of the Amabdur plant. It is valued for its sedative qualities.

Atl Otl: Medium-sized terestrial mammal with shaggy fur and a small cranial horn. Originally from the planet Majuyu, the Atl Otl is a rare and highly valued pet.


~ B ~

Bilomian red wine: A cheap but tasty wine produced by Pylorians. The great taste is said to be due to the unique method in which the grapes are pressed. Soft-footed Pylorians press the fruit while standing in wide vats, carefully removing all substandard pieces and working the mix to the perfect consistency. Sargotta blossoms are added in later stages for an extra kick.

Boraxian Ale: A popular hop-less beer developed on Borax that has a distinctive and refreshing flavor.

Bugglewart: A medium sized pit beast native to Slyth valued for the tumors that grow all over its skin. These tumors have hallucinogenic properties when consumed.

~ C ~

Calboosas: A hoofed animal similar to a horse.

Camaco – A flowering plant native to the temperate regions of Camalon. The oils extracted from its taproot produce a caffeine like affect when added to certain beverages.  It is also a key ingredient in certain hallucinogens.  Camaco based products such as Killian’s Camaco and Camalon Jelly are sold legally throughout the galaxy.

Camalon Crawfish – A medium sized, non-native freshwater crustacean abundant in the swamplands of Camalon. This species is believed to be a transplant from Slyth that bred with local varieties and was able to flourish with the absence of certain predators that had kept its populations in check on Slyth.

~ D ~

~ E ~

Echoplex: A sports venue located on Reznor in the city of Vessel.

Emerald Pride Elite Force(EPEF): Security outfit based on Camalon.

Eye of the Gromulan –  Cocktail: Sap from the Gunkel Bush, mixed with Slugrum, topped with a Red Olandus Olive stuffed with a little of Rocky’s Magmanite Mustard.  The olive is supposed to look like a bulging infected Gromulan eye.

~ F ~

Firedrake: Class 2 spacecraft favored by Slythians for Medium range operations.

Flash Vortex: A gateway that allows for fast travel from one star system to another.

Florixian Zimbat – A rare plant from one of the moons of Camalon. The root of Zimbat plants are valued as an aphrodesiac among Pylorians, while most other species avoid them due to their acrid taste and odd slimy texture.

Flygut Modulator: A device aboard the Toltech that is a component of the power generation system.

~ G ~

Glamsformation Box: Disguise kit produced and manufactured by Glindy, a rival of Archer’s. The kit provides a variety of programmable prosthetics with life-like qualities.

Golden Bore Ale – The top selling Boraxian Ale. It is fermented in large gold-plated vats that are placed in bored holes of lavarock. The process creates a unique flavor as the Koki and Lodi plants are heated to extreme temperatures completely eliminating any impurities. A true Boraxian knows that the logo of an actual golden boar is done in good fun. Golden boars are native to the lowlands of Borax, not the mountainous terrain where the ale is produced.

Gromulan Rock Crab: Decapod crustacean from Grom which thrives in an oxygen free environment.

Gunkel Bush: A small but hardy plant native to the asteroid archipelagos of Grom. It produces a sweet sap that can be used as flavoring in a variety of foods.

~ H ~

Herexiam Whiskey – Brand of alcohol created by a small group of Tabbies on Lythor. The brew has become immensely popular on Lythor and beyond.

Hondakas: A medium sized furry mammal with a small head, a short flat tail, and large hind feet.

Hounder : Single passenger spacecraft favored by Norhounds for short range operations.

~ I ~

~ J ~

Jiblock: A medium sized hoofed animal native to Camalon. Often hunted for sport.

~ K ~

Kalmazas: A medium-sized hoofed animal that is farmed primarily for its fur. They are native to the plains of Camalon.

Kromaxen: Herd animal raised primarily for the consumption of its flesh.

~ L ~

Leem Lux: Large flying insect with a spherical body, long legs, and wide transparent wings.

Licer: Medium sized worm-like pit beast native to the planet Slyth. Licers are blood-drinkers but some can secrete a compound that will break down solid organic matter into a liquid form.

Lythorian Bone Leech: Small parasitic segmented worm that feeds off of bone marrow. It is native to the planet Lythor.

Lythorian Knife Neons: A species of small fish known for their vibrant colors. They are native to to the Luminous Sea on Lythor.

Lythorian Port Authority(LPA): Governing body of the Lythor spaceports.

~ M ~

Magmanite Mashers: Trade guild based on Magma. Currently led by Mogalis.

Margler: Medium sized maggot-like pit beast that is native to Slyth. Like Meepoks, Marglers are always hungry. Unfortunately, their maw is small, making eating a frustrating proposition. They spit digestive juices on their prey to make it easier to consume, but it is still a slow, painful death to be eaten by a Margler.

Meepok: Pit beast native to Slyth that is known for its voracious appetite. Meepoks have a slug-like torso, but have multiple appendages – each covered with tiny hooks. These are used to secure their prey and drag it to their maw for consumption. They are capable of great bursts of speed when properly motivated, but have difficulty moving as they grow in size. It is unknown how large or how long-lived they can be, because they often either starve to death or die attempting to eat something they shouldn’t.

 Mirklebirgs: Swine-like creatures farmed primarily for consumption of their flesh.

~ N ~

~ O ~

Ogler: A small monkey-like creature with a prehensile tail and very large eyes. They are native to the planet Pylor.

Olandus fish: A large marine fin fish native to the oceans of Plorak. It is fished commercially and is popular as a game fish.

Olandus Olive – The fruit of a unique species of olive-like trees native to Plorak.  The olives are only edible when pickled in Olandus fish juice for several weeks.  A jar of Olandus olives is a common sight at just about any bar in the galaxy – and are used as toppers for many drinks.

Ozerand Kit: Premiere disguise kit produced and manufactured by the Archer corporation. It has gone through several iterations, but currently consists of a programmable collar and an assortment of chemical capsules which are activated as needed to achieve a particular disguising effect.

~ P ~

Paroxopan: A chemical that is effective at rendering someone unconscious by surpressing the central nervous system. It is not effective in all lifeforms.

Plorakian Puffers: Medium sized marine fish native to the oceans of Plorak. They are covered with poisonous spikes and can inflate their bodies to increase their size.

Proteus Gun: Gun designed to bypass scanning technology. Powered by a volatile chemical reaction, these guns are useless once the reaction ends.

~ Q ~

Quasar Repeater Rifle – Large shoulder mounted laser gun that can produce massive bolts of electricity in rapid succession.  Designed by Pflugars, it was intended to be used as a shoulder based firearm. It is more commonly seen mounted on a tripod.

~ R ~

Reznorian Martini – A simple but very popular drink throughout Soldos.  It has  gained popularity in Blitzroten ever since Saleem’s Casino started serving it.  It is a straight martini with Vessel Vodka chilled and shaken, with a Oldanus Olive on top.  On occasion one might be ordered “dirty” – this just means a quick dash of Olandus Olive juice is poured in as well.

~ S ~

Seredeminks: A small flying mammal native to Sigmus. Seredeminks are carnivorous scavengers that hunt in swarms.

Sigrat: A large rodent with a thick cylindrical body and short stout legs. It is native to the deserts of Sigmus.

Slider: A terrestrial transport vehicle favored by Slythians.

Slythian Sword Shark: A species of large shark found in the oceans on Slyth. It derives its name from its long spearlike snout.

~ T ~

Terrasteel – A hard steel infused with granite.  Companies produce it using granite from different sources.  The terrasteel is often graded out.  The determining factor of the hardest piece of terra steel is getting a perfect 50/50 mix.  This is Grade A.  A 60% Steel to 40% Granite is Grade B.  A 70% Steel to 30% Granite mix is considered Grade C.  Any mix that exceed 55% Granite is considered too hard, and will become brittle.  Any mix with less than 25% granite will lose its hardness and may melt and/or collapse under extreme temperatures or atmospheric conditions.

Three-strand Sillion: Cording comprised of three braided strands of Sillion fiber – a high quality synthetic.

Tirwakian Pummelpaw: Large creature native to the mountain regions of Sigmus that is known for its bloodlust. Pummelpaws often reach 6′ in height when standing upright and can weigh up to 400lbs. Their front paws are specialized for knocking out their prey.

Tommy Cub: A small, furry, carnivorous mammal native to the planet Tygor. Though domesticated, the tommy cub retains some of its wild tendencies.

~ U ~

~ V ~

~ W ~

Walla Wooloo: Rare flowering plant native to the planet Majuyu. The entire plant is edible, and it is the preferred food of the Atl Otl.

Wheels of Onisis: A large monument to the god Papan built by the notable artisan Onisis. It is located within Yucatan Station.

~ X ~

~ Y ~

Yumoks: Large cold-blooded reptilian creature often used as a beast of burden.

~ Z ~


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