S4 Ep 05: Interlocking Tentacles

Caalo’s crew finally descends to the surface of Inkburotto to acquire Glaze production tech from the Cephalogs.


CDR(Ret) Tone S. Vivona: Opening Credits

Craig Stewart: Previouslies

Keith Ruether: Narrator & Achilles

Jude Vivona: Caalo Xan

Brianna Theresa: Sable

Robert Neal: Gloob

Anairis Quinones: Kimdalooj

Tyler Hyrchuk: Bagaloo

Loganne Digma: Savannah

Erin Evans-Walker: Lorli

Jorge Diaz: Brauner

Special Thanks to all our Patrons! Especially Ship Commanders Matt, Roger, and Sharon Ruether, Ship Captain Matthew Lloyd, and Ship Pilots Minh Nguyen and Teresa Leonard



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